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2006 Poppies and Rosies Awards

THE POPPIES - WINNERS - Awarded By TC Kirkham

Best Picture - Brick (directed by Rian Johnson)

Best Director - Paul Greengrass, United 93

Best Actor - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brick

Best Actress - Meryl Streep, A Prairie Home Companion

Best Supporting Actors (team) -  Woody Harrelson & John C. Reilly, A Prairie Home Companion

Best Supporting Actress - Lily Tomlin, A Prairie Home Companion

Breakthrough Performance, Male  - (TIE) Trevor Fehrman, Clerks 2 AND Rudy Youngblood, Apocalypto

Breakthrough Performance, Female - Nora Zehetner, Brick

Best Animated Film - Happy Feet (directed by George Miller)

Best Voice Performance - Robin Williams, Happy Feet

Best Animated Performance - the cast of Happy Feet

Best Documentary - Wordplay (directed by Patrick Creadon)

Best Original Song - You Know My Name by Chris Cornell, from Casino Royale

Best Musical Performance - (tie) ABC, from Clerks 2 AND Boogie Wonderland, from Happy Feet

Best Fight Scene - Brendan Frye vs Brad Bramish, Brick

Best Battle Scene - The Alcatraz Siege from X-Men:The Last Stand

Best Semi-Cameo - Jason Lee, Clerks 2

Funniest Cameo - Wolverine's Costume, Flushed Away

Best One Liner of the year - Mayan dialect for "I'm Walking Here!" , Apocalypto

Best Off Camera Performance - Savion Glover, Happy Feet

Most Pleasant Surprise - Casino Royale (directed by Martin Campbell)

Biggest Disappointment - Superman Returns (directed by Bryan Singer)

Most Fun At A Movie - Clerks 2 (directed by Kevin Smith)

Most Infectious Spontanious Laugh by an audience - Jay's Tuck, Clerks 2

The "Damn! I Can't Even Go To The Bathroom If I Want To Keep Up" award for the most unexpected plot twists -  (TIE) Brick AND The Prestige

The "From All The Hype You'd Have Thought He'd Have A Bigger Part" award - Ben Foster as Angel, X-Men:The Last Stand

The "Casting Director's Worst Nightmare" award for overcoming negative fan(boy) buzz and making the part their own - (TIE) Kelsey Grammer, X-Men:The Last Stand AND Daniel Craig, Casino Royale

The "Brass Kahones Beyond Belief" award for reliving a nightmare - Former FAA chairman Ben Sliney and numerous other government and military personnel for playing themselves and recreating their movements from September 11, 2001 in United 93

The "What The Hell Did That Ending Mean?" Award to the movie with the most satisfying yet somewhat...oh, OK, COMPLETELY Confusing Ending - A Prairie Home Companion (directed by Robert Altman)

The "Did I Make A HUUUUUUGGGEEE Mistake In Wanting To See This Movie?" Award - the incomprehensible, extremely exasperating first 20 minutes of Wassup Rockers (directed by Larry Clark) (and ultimately, the answer was "No, I didn't make a mistake...but damn it's hard to sit through the crap at the beginning of the movie...")

TC's Top 10 movies of 2006 (in alphabetical order):


2006 ROSIES - WINNERS - Awarded by Kim Brown

Best Picture:  "The Prestige"

Best Director:  Rian Johnson, for "Brick"

Best Actor:  Christian Bale as Albert Borden, "The Prestige"

Best Actress: Meryl Streep as Yolanda Johnson, "A Prairie Home Companion"

Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman as The Boss, "Lucky Number Slevin"

Best Supporting Actress: Cynthia Nixon as Carol Jameison, "One Last Thing"

Breakout Male Star:  Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/Superman, “Superman Returns”

Breakout Female Star:  Nora Zehetner as Laura, “Brick”

Most Fascinating Documentary: "Wordplay"

Best Song (Live Action):  “Goodbye To My Mama”, performed by Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin, “A Prairie Home Companion”

Best Song (Animated):  “My Way”, performed by Robin Williams, “Happy Feet”

Best Musical Number (Live Action):  “ABC” Dance-along, “Clerks II”

Best Musical Number (Animated):  “Proud Mary” finale, “Flushed Away”

Best Opening Sequence:  “Casino Royale”

Most Annoying Trend:  Open season on Christianity - way too many negative portrayals of Christians in movies, and a general sneering attitude in the media.

Most Beautiful Adaptation Of A Classic Book: "Charlotte's Web"

Best Movie Trailer:  “Spider-Man 3”

Most Air Being Sucked Out Of A Theater:  The collective gasp in our theater at the first showing of the preview for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

Most Animated Cast: "Flushed Away"

Most Huggable Cast:  Mumble and friends from "Happy Feet"

I Know I Should NOT Be Laughing At These…:  “Bad Jokes”, performed by Woody Harrison and John C. Reilly, “A Prairie Home Companion”

Best Ensemble Cast (Live Action):  "X-Men:  The Last Stand"

Best Ensemble Cast (Animated): It's a tie!  The voice cast for "Flushed Away" and the voice cast for "Happy Feet"

Best Action Sequence:  The Alcatraz Battle, “X-Men:  The Last Stand” 

Best Traveling Fight:  James Bond vs.  Mollaka, “Casino Royale”

The ECW Award (For Best 3-Way Dance):  Captain Jack Sparrow vs. Will Turner vs. Norrington from "Pirates Of The Caribbean:  Dead Man's Chest"

The Eiffel 65 Award ('cause he's blue ba da ba da ba da ba dee da): Dr. Henry "Beast" McCoy, "X-Men:  The Last Stand"

The MOM (Mark Out Moment) of 2006:  Hank “Beast” McCoy getting to use his “Oh, my stars and garters” line in “X-Men:  The Last Stand”

You Made Us HATE You, We Really Had To Do It – The Most Hissable Villain of 2006:  Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor in "Superman Returns"

Creepiest Villain:  Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffe, “Casino Royale”

The Jonathan Frid Award (Given to the character most resembling "Dark Shadows" character Barnabas Collins):  The Pin, "Brick"

The Julie Brown Award – ‘Cause He’s A Blonde, Yeah Yeah YEAH BABY!:  Daniel Craig as James Bond, “Casino Royale”

Best excuse for my William Shatner impression:  "Too... much... hottness... on... screen... can't... concentrate…":  Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman sharing the big screen in "The Prestige"

The Darth Maul Award (for a character that didn't have a awful lot of screen time, yet we saw him all over the previews):  Angel, "X-Men:  The Last Stand"

Fly Me To The Moon... Or Paris... Or Rome...  Just PLEASE Fly Me! Sexiest Superhero of 2006:  Clark Kent/Superman, "Superman Returns"

Doesn’t This Guy Ever SLEEP?!:  Hugh Jackman, who had SIX movies out in 2006:  “X-Men:  The Last Stand”, “Scoop”, “Happy Feet”, “Flushed Away”, “The Prestige”, and “The Fountain”

The "You Got Me, You TOTALLY Got Me" Award:  The very end of "Pirates Of The Caribbean:  Dead Man's Chest"

Brrrr!  I Need My Jacket - The Coldest Scene of the Year:  Magneto’s rejection of Mystique after she’s been hit with the Mutant “cure”, “X-Men:  The Last Stand”

Most Cringe-Worthy Scene:  The torture of James Bond by Le Chiffe, “Casino Royale”

The “My eyes!  MY EYES!” Moment For 2006:  Dante’s bachelor party, “Clerks 2”

The "ENOUGH, ALREADY!" Award:  The hype surrounding "Snakes On A Plane"

Kim's Top 10 Movies of 2006 (in alphabetical order)

A Prairie Home Companion
Casino Royale
Flushed Away
Happy Feet
One Last Thing...
The Prestige
Superman Returns
X-Men: The Last Stand

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